Small amount, in cookbooks

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Length Answer Clue
5 PINCH Small amount, in cookbooks
5 PURSE Small handbag
4 LARK Small songbird
4 ONES Small bills
4 WREN Small brown bird
5 COMBO Small jazz band
4 LARK Small songbird
10 APPLETARTS Small open pies filled with Honeycrisps, perhaps
4 ONES Small bills
3 TSP Small recipe amt.
4 NEWT Small salamander
4 HOPS Small jumps
3 AAA Small battery type
5 SKOSH Small amount
6 RIPPLE Small wave
4 MINI Small-scale
3 TSP Small baking amt.
6 PONIES Small horses
4 GRAM Small weight unit
8 BUSHBABY Small nocturnal primate
4 ERIE Smallest Great Lake
4 SIPS Small tastes of lassi
6 TICTAC Small mint in a clear box
4 PONY Small horse such as Misty of Chincoteague
15 LITTLEWHITELIES Small, harmless fibs
4 RUNT Smallest in a litter
4 WREN Small songbird
3 TSP Small amount in baking
3 RAT Smallest of the Chinese zodiac animals
4 SNIP Small cut
3 DAB Small amount, as of hair cream
5 MESAS Small plateaus
3 AAS Smallish batteries
3 COG Small part of a system
3 PEI Smallest Canadian province, for short
8 ONESCOOP Small ice cream order
3 YIP Small dog's bark
6 TROWEL Small digging tool
5 ELFIN Small and pixieish
3 VAN Small band transport
4 CELL Smallest unit of life
5 PIXEL Small part of a window
4 NOOK Small recess
3 TIT Small songbird
4 ONES Small tips
9 RINKYDINK Small-time
4 WREN Small songbird
7 HANDCAR Small vehicle on a railroad track
4 STEM Small part of a watch
7 REDCENT Smallest unit of purchasing power, in an idiom

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