Pet that meows

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Length Answer Clue
3 CAT Pet that meows
3 PAW Pet's furry foot
4 FLEA Pet pest
7 ZOOMIES Pet’s sudden burst of energy
4 DOGS Pets that say “woof”
4 CAGE Pet parakeet’s home
5 TREAT Pet’s reward
4 IAMS Pet food brand
5 PEEVE Pet problem?
5 LORRE Peter who was the first actor to play a Bond villain
4 PEPE Pet name for Jose
5 POUTY Petulant
5 AROMA Petrichor, n.: The pleasant ___ of rainfall on dry soil
7 FLORIST Petal pusher?
5 TIFFS Petty arguments
5 SPATS Petty quarrels
4 FAVE Pet, informally
11 ANIMALLOVER Petty person?
5 TSARS Peter the Great and Ivan the Terrible
4 TIFF Petty quarrel
5 LORRE Peter of 1934's "The Man Who Knew Too Much"
5 LITRE Petrol unit
3 VET Pet doctor, for short
4 AUNT Petunia Dursley, to Harry Potter
3 NOT Petal plucker's word?
3 CAT Pet that may chase the characters in 19a, 21, 44a, 46a, 43d and 56d
3 VET Pet healer, for short
3 PAN Peter ___, fictional character who didn't grow up
6 YEOMAN Petty officer
3 LAP Pet perch
4 SPAT Petty argument
4 SPAT Petty quarrel
6 CLARKS Petula and Dick, for two
3 WEE Petite
7 ROBOCOP Peter Weller film role
6 POTTER Peter Rabbit’s creator
6 LAPCAT Pet that needs a sitter?
5 PEEVE Pet-ty offense?
5 GUPPY Pet also called a rainbow fish
4 ALPO Pet food brand
5 GUPPY Pet in a tank
4 IAMS Pet brand since 1946
5 IDTAG Pet pendant
4 DIED Petered out
4 TIFF Petty squabble
4 SPCA Pet adoption org.
5 ASPCA Pet re-homing org.
4 BAAS Petting zoo chorus
4 PONY Petting zoo ride
4 AGAR Petri dish gelatin

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