Like a test-drive car

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Length Answer Clue
4 DEMO Like a test-drive car
3 HIT Like a chart-topping song
3 HOT Like a steamy bowl of soup
3 ODD Like this clue number
5 SHARP Like a knife's blade
3 SLY Like a fox
5 STALE Like bread past its use-by date
3 ODD Like three, five, or seven
4 TALL Like most NBA players
3 ODD Like seven or eleven
3 WET Like hair right after a shower
4 AVID Like many superfans
3 MAD Like some scientists in comic books
3 OLD Like a vintage item
3 DRY Like some martinis
5 HAIRY Like a werewolf or yeti
4 COLD Like unappetizing pizza
5 GRAND Like some finales or pianos
3 DRY Like paint that's safe to sit on
3 ODD Like 3, 9, and 57
3 HOT Like phall curry
4 INTL Like many ORD flights
6 FORMAL Like tailcoats
5 RASPY Like a rough-sounding voice
8 OVEREASY Like fried eggs with runny yolks
4 AVID Like a huge fan
5 UNCUT Like a rough gemstone
5 IRISH Like the name Saoirse
10 LOVEYDOVEY Like boyfriends during the honeymoon phase
9 ALLGENDER Like a bathroom that anyone can use
3 WET Like a used pool towel
5 MAORI Like powhiri ceremonies
4 SORE Like legs after a long hike, maybe
5 HAIRY Like a cat owner’s clothes, often
6 MOLTEN Like a chocolate lava cake’s center
5 FANCY Like many galas
5 UNMET Like needs that are not fulfilled
4 ORAL Like some folklore
5 RISKY Like some stunts
5 SALTY Like namkeen lassi
4 AGED Like sharp cheddar
5 TILED Like a mosaic
11 HARDANDFAST Like a strictly enforced rule
3 WET Like freshly painted walls
6 PREFER Like better
4 SLIM Like a one-in-a-million chance
4 SOFT Like brie
4 ASHY Like a dirty incense holder
5 TONAL Like the Thai language
5 DENSE Like a thick jungle

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