Delivery drivers’ paths

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Length Answer Clue
6 ROUTES Delivery drivers’ paths
5 ORATE Deliver a speech
5 PORCH Delivery site
5 OBGYN Delivery person, for short
4 BEBE Delivery at un hôpital
3 ACE Delivery that can't be returned
12 DAZETHECOUNT Deliver a blow to Dracula?
5 ORATE Deliver a formal speech
3 LAY Deliver, pigeon-style
3 VAN Delivery vehicle
3 VAN Delivery vehicle, perhaps
7 DICTATE Deliver letters?
3 VAN Delivery vehicle
8 RENDERED Delivered, as a service
5 ORATE Deliver a speech
3 MOM Delivery person?
7 AIRDROP Deliver via iPhone
3 UPS Delivery giant
6 SPEECH Delivery from the podium
7 COURIER Delivery worker
3 SON Delivery possibility
8 CONSIGNS Delivers
12 WHEYONTHEWAY Delivery update for a ricotta factory?
3 MOM Delivery person?
5 EMAIL Delivery method requiring a server
4 ATTN Delivery directive wd.
7 MILKMAN Delivery person of yore
7 MIDWIFE Delivery woman
7 ADDRESS Delivery directions
6 YORKER Delivery at feet
6 RESCUE Deliver key, entering street abroad
9 HANDSDOWN Delivers with no trouble at all
7 BROUGHT Delivered book draft on time

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