Big, roaring cat

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Length Answer Clue
4 LION Big, roaring cat
3 NYT Big Apple publication: Abbr.
3 NYT Big Apple newspaper initials
3 BAD Big ___ Wolf, fairytale villain
3 SEN Bigwig D.C. politician, for short
5 TIGER Big, striped cat
3 ADO Big fuss
4 BASH Big birthday party
4 SWIG Big gulp
5 CELEB Big star
10 MOVIESTARS Big-screen celebrities
4 MACS Big ___ (Golden Arches burgers)
4 TUBA Big brass instrument in banda music
4 SLAB Big piece of sheet cake
4 TUBA Big band instrument
4 SEMI Big rig
4 BASS Big Mouth Billy ___ (singing prop fish)
5 BRITA Big name in water filters
7 SOUPPOT Big vessel for cooking chowder
3 SIB Big bro, e.g.
6 SNAFUS Big messes
3 NYT Big Apple newspaper, for short
4 LEAP Big jump
3 EGO Big head
4 FEST Big celebration
6 REEBOK Big name in sneakers
4 TRIP Big prize on “Wheel of Fortune,” often
4 LEAP Big hop
4 ACER Big name in laptops
4 LEAP Big jump
4 EXAM Big test
3 EGO Big head
3 APE Big primate
4 LION Big cat such as 57-Across
4 ULTA Big name in cosmetics
6 TIGERS Big cats whose stripes are unique like fingerprints
6 HOOPLA Big fuss
6 UPROAR Big commotion
4 IMAX Big-screen movie format
3 ERA Big band ___
3 TEN Big ___ Conference (group of 14 teams)
4 SEMI Big truck
3 HIT Big success
4 GASH Big cut
6 OCELOT Big cat whose diet includes iguanas
7 STETSON Big brand in cowboy hats
4 DELL Big name in computers
4 EMUS Big, flightless birds
3 ADO Big fuss

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